Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Scorpio June 2024

Love and Relationships

Here you are, with things looking up for you! Jupiter will be in your house of couples. For one year ahead you'll benefit from the positive influence of the Greater Benefic. The current relationship will flourish, your partner will have achievements that you'll also benefit from - and if you still haven't got a partner, you might find one. You'll socialize a lot, you'll meet new people, and the sentimental offer will improve. If you're into a confining, inconvenient relationship, you'll probably set yourself free. For the moment, in June 2024 your wishes and expectations tend to be too high or too pressing, so they could make you lose control or could trigger dissatisfactions.

Career and Finances

Once Jupiter enters Scorpio's house of relationships, a favorable period for associations, collaborations, contracts or clients will start. Moreover, you'll have the chance to meet people that will open your horizons or offer you solutions. In June 2024, especially in the first two decanates, you seem to get actively involved in team work and make efforts in the area of contracts. Finances will be in the centre of attention: business, investments, side income, relations with institutions handling much money or many people's money, etc. It is to be expected for you to make a profit, but be very careful: the Sun and Moon eclipses will bring unpleasant surprises as well!

Health and Fitness

It's true that Scorpios have good native resistance, but in June 2024 you shouldn't rely on that only. Besides Pluto, no other planet will support you; moreover, the others seem to throw obstacles in your way. You might have unexpected problems. Professional stress will be a major factor in your discomfort. Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Scorpio in June 2024 Take care of yourself and don't expose yourself to circumstances that might affect your health! Caution, especially in the second half of June 2024!