Next Month Horoscope for Virgo

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Virgo December 2022

Love and Relationships

December 2022 will be full of passion and probably marked by some adventures. With Mars in Virgo, the wishes will be very strong, the feelings more intense, and sexuality will be boiling. Everything will be marked by the transit of Venus, the planet of love, through your house of love. Venus will provide you with good opportunities to express your feelings and sensuality, except that its intentions will sometimes be troubled by opposite aspects. Consequently, Saturn's square could bring along episodes of emotional distance, obstacles, frustrations or other unpleasant situations on the days in the middle of December 2022. The first and the last decanate of December 2022 will be under the influence of the conjunctions formed by Venus and the Sun with Pluto. Pluto will have an intensifying effect: experiences will be deeper, ampler, stronger, with special erotic reverberations. However, your demands will be high and you'll be at risk of missing what could be "very good" while preoccupied with finding something "perfect".

Career and Finances

With Mars by your side, you'll benefit from higher efficiency. The slogan of December 2022 will be "already done". You'll have a lot of energy, you'll move fast and you'll be very competitive. You'll often be in the front line, taking charge. Your catching enthusiasm will stimulate the others around you, as well, and get them involved in the action. You'll take any challenge, show ambition, and try to prove what you're capable of. Sometimes, though, you'll tend to rush to decisions or risks. Other times, you might get fits of indiscipline or even aggressiveness. It's important that you use your energy actively and channel your strength towards practical purposes. In December 2022, if you organize yourself properly, you might achieve big things. They seem to be profitably connected to trips, training or knowledge. At the financial level, in December 2022 there might be a few critical moments. Speculations, bets, the temptation of the easy profit can trick you out of your savings, and personal pleasures can prove to be rather pricey.

Health and Fitness

A lot of energy, plenty of optimism, but also a considerable amount of stress. In December 2022 it'll be very important for you to relax, to keep calm, and prioritize your work in such a way that you don't get overloaded. Physical exercise will be the best way to harmonize the Martian energies, which will exceed in this period. Stay away from dangerous or conflicting situations! Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Virgo in December 2022 When it comes to love, take it easier, don't get overexcited!


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