Next Month Horoscope for Scorpio

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Scorpio December 2022

Love and Relationships

Jupiter will provide you with happiness and all you'll have to do is enjoy it. Sometimes, the passionate moments will take you by surprise, as it is possible to happen in the first decanate of December 2022. Other times, you'll have to overcome an obstacle, to face some enmity in order to feel fulfilled, as it could be the case in the second decanate. Everything will be meaningful and profound. The discussions, the communication to the dear one, the sentimental trips and dates will be significant. You'll have good intuitions, you'll sense the way to act in order to get where you want. Tense episodes can sometimes occur, but they will be meant to highlight, to intensify. In the last decanate of December 2022, under the influence of a square between Venus, the ruler of your house of couples, and Jupiter, located right in your house of couples, you might get a bit careless, offer or demand too much.

Career and Finances

Mars' position will encourage you to start new projects and look further to the future and progress. In December 2022, team or group actions will concentrate most of the energy and have the highest chances to succeed. Cooperation will be the key to opening doors, the route to success. You cannot complain about your work being dull. You'll go through a period when you need to innovate, to change, to bring something new to your work. Finances will be a constant preoccupation in December 2022. With the Sun and Mercury in your house of money, you'll get ideas, you'll have initiative, calculate, negotiate and look for solutions to certain problems that have appeared lately. Regardless of the situation you'll be in, starting the middle of December 2022 you'll feel some relief, and the material situation will seem to improve.

Health and Fitness

Your shape will be rather mediocre, especially in the first two decanates of December 2022. You'll invest most of your energy in work. But your body won't be very resistant and it might start failing. Don't ignore its signals and necessarily see a doctor if something isn't right! As for the rest, you'll need an organized schedule, without overdoing it and without extreme experiences. Have you checked Scorpio health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Scorpio in December 2022 Don't ask of the others more than they can offer!


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