Next Month Horoscope for Sagittarius

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Sagittarius December 2022

Love and Relationships

With the ruler of your house of couples, Mercury, located right in Sagittarius, love and couple life will acquire more importance to you than usual. The astral configuration will make you think a great deal about the dear one or about the situation of your relationship. In the first part of December 2022 things might not unfold as you wish. Mercury will be retrograde and could cause some rhythm, opinion or preference opposition, maybe even delays or changes of heart. You might feel that you're stagnating, that the partner doesn't understand you or that the relationship is being damaged. It's not a great idea to make important relational decisions in this period. After December 14th 2022, things will come back to normal, clear up and start moving. From that point on, you can take the initiative, because the chances to succeed will be higher.

Career and Finances

In December 2022 you'll have bright perspectives for good luck and success. Against the supportive background provided by Jupiter since the summer, your work capacity will grow and there'll be happy opportunities that will make you stand out. In addition to this context, there'll be the ambition and action force of Mars, which entered your house of career vigorously and dynamically last month. The Martian energy will amplify your enterprising spirit, courage and the big wish to climb the ladder, to prove your abilities. In the first two decanates of December 2022 you'll also benefit from the Sun's presence in Sagittarius, a position that releases energy, glow and chance, helping you gain recognition, prestige and admiration. You'll have all the advantages, so go for it! Financially, the situation will be convenient, except for some small mix-ups at the beginning and middle of the month.

Health and Fitness

Although you'll generally enjoy good health, in December 2022 there might appear some medical preoccupation. You'll either try to solve some older problems, or face small troubles, which will mainly be caused by the tendency towards excesses and your own imprudence, caused, in their turn, by stress. Be calmer! Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Sagittarius in December 2022 Don't spend too much on beautiful, but useless things!


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