Next Month Horoscope for Pisces

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Pisces December 2022

Love and Relationships

December 2022 will be a rather difficult month as regards the couple. The good thing will lie in the passionate enthusiasm you'll seem to manifest in this period and in your capacity to focus on the positive side of situations. However, Mars' presence in your house of relationships doesn't always foreshadow seductive enthusiasm only, but also stress, turbulence, rivalry, and, in some cases, conflicts. For this reason, a more reserved and diplomatic attitude is recommended, especially in the first part of December 2022, when the ruler of your house of couples, Mercury, is retrograde. Many of the problems Mars usually brings along are caused by haste, stubbornness, and subjectivity. If you try not to react immediately, think things through and from the other one's point of view as well, and not impose your own, everything will be all right. Another important point is that you should be careful about who you get involved with and about potentially violent situations!

Career and Finances

In December 2022, Mercury will keep itself busy in your house of career (with more difficulty in the first part of the month, but quite determined), and Jupiter will be watching from your third house. Therefore, everything related to information and its dissemination (intellectual activities, speeches, mail, negotiation, surveys, etc.) will have great impact on your professional life. So will trips, especially the short-distance ones or the ones that don't take much time. Considering that the Sun will also be in your house of career, the road to success will be clear in December 2022, so display your knowledge and talents and don't hesitate to persist in trying to achieve your goals! In everything you'll do, remember that changes and flexibility are needed, so don't be afraid to try something else than you usually do, too. Innovation can be fruitful, including at the financial level.

Health and Fitness

The risk of health problems will be very low in December 2022. However, you'll be prone to stress and risks of accidents, especially on account of haste or carelessness. Animosity feelings or conflicts need to be avoided, because they will cause psychological pressure which can reflect on your physical balance. Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Pisces in December 2022 Get involved in a joint effort, along with other people!


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