Next Month Horoscope for Leo

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Leo December 2022

Love and Relationships

With the ruler of your sign, the Sun, in your house of love and eroticism, it's easy to assume what direction your thoughts and actions will go. And since the issue has already been under discussion since last month... The predisposition towards flirts and games will continue, as well as the curiosity and openness for novelty; and if it so happens that you�ll undergo some experiences in the first part of December 2022, things will develop to your favor in the second part of the month. December 2022 will encourage new experiments and discoveries in expressing sexuality, will help you highlight your feminine attributes in case you're a woman, or masculine in case you're a man, and put into practice your skill in the art of love. There are clues that there'll be some connection between the sentimental life and the professional one: maybe an affair with somebody from work or somebody you met while doing your work. If you already have a steady relationship, your private life will be more active and you'll show more interest in children.

Career and Finances

In December 2022, the professional houses will all be active, populated by ambitious planets, with high achieving capacity. Nothing will stand in your way. The most important thing is for you to set your objectives and start working. You'll have lofty goals, ample manifestations, which could bring you glory and draw applause. The emotional motivation will be important in December 2022. Fulfillment will come if what you want to do really interests you and gives you pleasure, if you want to really prove what you're worth or if somebody you love is already involved. Beyond all, the material component will be well defined and will encourage you in your actions. You might become interested in business and investments or you might tend to do more than usual to raise your income. Hopefully, you won't start spending more at the same time!

Health and Fitness

In December 2022 you'll be energetic and enthusiastic but that doesn't automatically spare you of problems. If they appear, they will be especially caused by your own imprudence or indulgence. The weak protection against temptations could lead to certain excesses which could cause troubles. Special attention to the genital-urinary system and, in the last decanate of December 2022, to the cardiovascular apparatus! It's recommended that you avoid sweets and various other delicacies. Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Leo in December 2022 Exercise as much as possible!


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