Next Month Horoscope for Gemini

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Gemini December 2022

Love and Relationships

In December 2022, the Sun will shine upon your house of couples, emphasizing the relationship and the partner, and leading to certain clarifications. It's still the Sun that will lend you glow and radiant energy that will make the others feel attracted to you and treat you with a lot of attention and consideration. And this will also be true for the opposite sex, of course. Mercury will still be retrograde in the first part of December 2022 so that it can still generate some misunderstandings or bad timing, but at the end of the month it'll have something important to say. The situation will clear up, and the affective dynamics will come back to normal after Mercury resumes its straight movement on the 14th. December 2022 won't be an easy month at the sentimental level, but it can bring significant events and can reveal important meanings. You might meet a person that once meant something to you. Considering an older proposal is also possible.

Career and Finances

The first part of December 2022 will almost certainly demand more of you. It's not surprising, considering that the Sun and Mars will challenge you and urge you to fight. The stress will be rather high but if you organize yourself carefully and act patiently, you can achieve very much. Teamwork will be an issue under discussion, as well as collaborations and events that will take place around contracts. However, this will be a more vulnerable point in the first part of December 2022, when delays, troubles or differences of opinion can occur. Sometimes you'll be under the impression that the others won't understand you or that you won't understand them. You should ask for more clarifications, not rush to conclusions or try to explain in detail what you want. In the second part of December 2022, this kind of problems will disappear. Financially, supplementary income or other kind of advantages could appear.

Health and Fitness

The stress management will be important in December 2022 (just like in the following months). Against this background of restlessness or tension, you might experience vulnerability of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, digestive problems, tendencies towards excesses and even small accidents. Beware of hereditary conditions! Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Gemini in December 2022 Explain clearly what you want and listen to the others carefully!


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