Next Month Horoscope for Cancer

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Cancer December 2022

Love and Relationships

December 2022 will be an important month, but not necessarily harmonious. You can expect intense episodes, complications or obstacles. However, as it isn't always in your power to influence things the way you want, you could do better with a flexible attitude. The moments of maximum involvement will be at the beginning of December 2022 and during the Holidays - highly emotional intervals, with strong reactions. Passion, subjectivity, etc. You'll see everything one-sided, you'll look for the absolute, it'll be "everything or nothing" to you. You might win, but you might also lose. The second decanate of December 2022 won't be as intense, but it could be frustrating. There'll be hesitation, obstacles, bad timing between you and your partner. The couple problems can be solved in two ways: through communication or through your friends' support.

Career and Finances

December 2022 promises to be productive. You'll have initiative, dynamism, capacity to make decisions. You'll be in control of your tasks or at least this is what you'll believe. You might not make the best decisions in the first part of December 2022, or your actions, although vigorous and unhesitating, might not have the desired effect. There could occur changes of plans, misunderstandings, mix-ups related to trips, documents, papers. However, such situations will alternate with the others, more generous in opportunities. The picture looks very colorful, so you won't get bored. In the second part of December 2022 you'll start going the right direction. The image will clear up, blocks will disappear, barriers will be broken. There still might be some difficulties regarding teamwork, colleagues, collaborators. It won't necessarily be about obvious enmity, but rather subtle tension. Financially, no major changes are foreseen, but Santa might be more generous than last year.

Health and Fitness

With retrograde Mercury in your house of diseases, the first part of December 2022 foreshadows to be more vulnerable, especially for the respiratory and nervous systems, but not only. Something will turn you upside down, your body will be disturbed. It'd be cautious of you to refrain from experiments (unauthorized treatments, exaggerated diets, new body-care procedures, etc.). In the second part of December 2022 you'll operate within normal parameters again. Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Cancer in December 2022 Don't rush to say or write things you might regret later!


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