Next Month Horoscope for Aquarius

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Aquarius December 2022

Love and Relationships

December 2022 will be a relatively relaxed month sentimentally speaking. There are signs that you'll have a good time along with the loved one, you'll socialize a lot together and you'll have a lot of fun with your friends. Another scenario is that you and your partner will get involved in a joint project that will be connected to a larger group of people. There'll still be a friendly climate between you and you'll still be workmates and accomplices to anything. One of the reasons that could disturb the harmony a bit is of a material nature. It's either about problems that will trouble both of you, or about a difference of opinion regarding a financial matter. Among others, you might have a problem with your partner's risky behavior when it comes to financial issues. Problems will go away in the second part of the month, though, and the last decanate of December 2022 will be much more romantic than the first two.

Career and Finances

You'll have at least two plans on your agenda. You'll project yourself into the future, think about what it will be like and look for people to support you in achieving what you've set your mind to. Things will move a bit more slowly in the first part of December 2022, but they'll speed up visibly in the second part. Independent actions will put you at an advantage, as always, but now you'll be at least equally favored by team work and collective effort as well. Public appearances will be favorable to you, especially in the second part of the month; in this period you'll enjoy popularity and you'll make an image of yourself as a shining person, self-confident and very intelligent. Ensuring the regular income won't be a problem in December 2022. Some stress could, nevertheless, be caused by the income from side sources or by the relationships with banks or other financial institutions.

Health and Fitness

In December 2022 you won't be in your best shape, but you'll do quite well. Anyway, you'd better not take risks regarding your health, as Mars in your eighth house can cause crisis situations. Beware especially in the first 5 or 6 days of the month and between 15th and 20th of December 2022! Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Aquarius in December 2022 Refrain from financial initiatives in the first half of the month!


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