Monthly horoscope Virgo

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Virgo November 2022

Love and Relationships

On November 11th 2022, Mars will step into your sign and it'll stay there until July 2023. Mars has more attributes, among which some are related to vigor, seduction, passion, sexuality, and as long as it stays in Virgo, it'll encourage you to fully benefit from them. Everything will become livelier, more interesting and challenging, and your reactions will be prompt and more anxious. The desires will be stronger and the approaches, very direct. If you're rather shy, Mars will make you overcome your reserve and will urge you to take control. Instead of waiting to be seduced, you'll go for it and you'll be so determined, that your "enemy" won't stand a chance. From the sexual point of view, the desires that have been burning deep inside you (stimulated by Pluto since three or four years ago) will start making their way to the surface. Emotionally, you'll look for loftier or greater ways of expression.

Career and Finances

Let the show begin! Mars will enter Virgo on November 11th 2022, full of enthusiasm and determination, and it'll be by your side for eight months; in the meanwhile, you can achieve many things if you set clear goals and act intelligently, by carefully planned strategies. You can rely on your initiative, courage, efficiency, fast reactions. You'll have to work on your calm, patience and perseverance. Mars will have a lot of energy that needs to be used constructively, so choose a goal to fight for, one that requires effort and competitiveness. Otherwise, you might end up in risky situations that generate stress, conflicts, losses and other troubles. In November 2022, the Sun will make your intellectual faculties sharper and will help you with information, communication, trips and procedures. Your initiatives will be prone to profit, as well. As your financial houses will be stimulated, new ideas and opportunities to raise your income are expected to appear. Assess them carefully though, and don't take risks, as you might lose!

Health and Fitness

The first decanate of November 2022 could be troublesome. Try to protect yourself against infections, poisonings, contaminations and accidents involving steam or hot water. In the second and third decanate you'll enjoy an excellent shape, you'll be strong, resistant and optimistic. Have you checked Virgo health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Virgo in November 2022 Focus on your home: mending, comfort, aspect.


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