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Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Taurus November 2022

Love and Relationships

With the Sun in your house of couples, the first two decanates of November 2022 will be oriented towards the partner. The need to feel your partner by your side, to look into their eyes and have their approval and feedback will be very strong. So strong that all your other activities and projects will revolve around this central point, like planets around the Sun. On November 11th 2022 something important will happen: Mars, the planet of passion and desire and, at the same time, the ruler of your house of relationships, will enter your house of love and sexuality, where it'll stay until July 2023. As Jupiter in Taurus has already aroused your erotic instincts (which are quite strong by nature, anyway), Mars' transit will take them to the top. In the following period there are high chances for you to find a new love and discover new sides of sensuality. Passion is kept in store for you.

Career and Finances

November 2022 will have good financial potential. Mercury and Venus will inspire you with business and investment ideas and can bring you extra income or gifts, facilitate contacts with representatives of financial institutions or help you obtain something that is rightfully yours, some sponsorship, a scholarship, etc. Professionally, Jupiter will make sure you'll do well, broaden your activity field, and find new opportunities, protectors and supporters. Collaborations will be very important and they can bring you not only success and prestige, but more money also. November 2022 will be suitable for creative work, bold initiatives and active promotion of your own image and talents or products (maybe even for a more aggressive promotion campaign).

Health and Fitness

You'll be in a good shape at the beginning of November 2022 and it promises to get even better. Once your sexual energy increases, Mars will lend you considerably more physical energy in general, which needs to be used in a very dynamic way. If you already practice sport, you'll have to do even more than that or something more vigorous. If you don't, it's time you started. Have you checked Taurus health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Taurus in November 2022 If you have children, watch over them more closely in November 2022 and the following months!


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