Monthly horoscope Sagittarius

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Sagittarius November 2022

Love and Relationships

The ruler of your house of couples, Mercury, will be around the seductive Venus in November 2022 as well, and the pair will be in transit right though your sign, Sagittarius! This is why November 2022 will be one of the greatest months for love, having fun and socializing. Combining a certain attraction with witty replies, you'll be extremely charming, which the opposite sex will find irresistible. You'll be highly available sentimentally, but you seem to be looking for easy love and pleasures that don't imply commitment. At the slightest sign that the other one is trying to control you, you'll just disappear. Sexually, you'll benefit from a lot of energy and you'll be prone to new experiments. Against such a background, well defined both emotionally, and erotically, a new love can appear at any time. If you already have a relationship, it'll develop harmoniously, with tenderness and understanding.

Career and Finances

Mars' entrance to the house of career on November 11th 2022 will mark the beginning of an eight-month period in which you'll invest a lot of interest in the professional area. With Mars in your house of career, you'll be highly motivated to advance and ready to fight fiercely to reach your objectives. Mars lends power, makes competitiveness and the action spirit sharper and is not afraid to be a pioneer in trying things. The methods suggested by it, though, are very often too direct, and the manners, too rough. You can achieve completely special things, but keep in mind for the following months that indiscipline, lack of tact, haste and carelessness can come at a heavy price and that you can end up losing following some possible dissensions with bosses or authorities. For now, with the help of Jupiter and Pluto, in November 2022 Mars will work to your favor, supporting success and financial advantages.

Health and Fitness

You'll feel well and you'll have energy and work capacity; you'll be optimistic and you'll have a good sense of humor. You might experience certain restlessness, especially in the last part of November 2022, which means that you have to cut down on stimulants and lead a more moderate life. Have you checked Sagittarius health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Sagittarius in November 2022 Don't do anything to excess and don't exaggerate!



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