Monthly horoscope Pisces

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Pisces November 2022

Love and Relationships

With Venus (the planet of love) and Mercury (the ruler of your house of couples) dominating the center of the sky, love and/or marriage will be the top of your agenda in November 2022. The configuration could bring a social accomplishment to the couple and it could be a sign of success for your partner. In certain situations, though, this configuration could mean that you'll have high expectations of your partner or that the sentimental relationships will mingle with the professional ones. On November 2022 an important event will take place: Mars will enter your house of couples, where it'll stay unusually long, until July 2023. The period with Mars in your house of couples can be characterized by a very dynamic activity of the couple or by passionate tendencies or ardent love, but it can also be about upsets or conflicts. The risk of relational stress will be rather high, so gather all the patience and diplomacy you're capable of and try to always have a cooperative and positive attitude!

Career and Finances

November 2022 will promise a lot, professionally speaking. Everything related to knowledge, research, editing, information dissemination (in writing or through oral presentation) will be the focus and will constitute a part of the foundation which the success of November 2022 will be built on. The other part of the "foundation" will consist of personal charm, talent to socialize, to cooperate, to function as a connecting factor among people. You'll make the impression of a pleasant, intelligent, well-trained person, who knows how to get the others' attention. Achievements could be related to trips or long-distance collaborations. In November 2022, money will come with new ideas and collaborations. However, even if collaborations and contracts go well now, you'll need to monitor them carefully, as some of them might become troublesome in the future.

Health and Fitness

Some health problems might appear in the first decanate of November 2022. Caution especially when it comes to infections and poisonings! As for the rest, the interval will be very demanding, slightly agitated, which can cause stress; fortunately, however, you'll be able to cope with it! Your high morale will matter very much and you'll be very optimistic. Have you checked Pisces health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Pisces in November 2022 Stay objective in your relations with the people around you!


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