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Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Libra November 2022

Love and Relationships

In November 2022 you'll start a period that might be troublesome to relationships. Mars, the ruler of your house of couples, will enter your twelfth house, an obscure house where secret love happens, but also disappointments, disillusionment, confusion and loneliness. You might, therefore, live a love story away from indiscrete eyes, get excited about an illusion, about a person that is not worth it, become part of a suspicious group, experience a disappointment or suffer from love. Or you might suffer for the person you love, because they could experience health problems or other kinds of troubles that you'll inevitably be part of, emotionally speaking. Moreover, if we take into consideration that Uranus, the planet of the unpredictable, will be in your house of couples, then things will tend to happen suddenly and develop in unexpected ways, no matter the situation. If you can, prepare yourself psychically for surprises and try to adjust as they come!

Career and Finances

Mars won't govern only your house of couples, but also the one of work and business partnerships, which need careful monitoring and cautious approach. There'll be weaknesses and the risk of them causing problems. Fortunately, these problems don't seem to affect you financially too; however, if they do, there'll be solutions to reduce the budget deficit. For investments, supplementary earnings, recuperations, sponsorship, scholarships or side income, as well as for the relations with financial institutions, you seem to benefit from some confidential support, probably coming from a man. November 2022 will support you with intellectual activities and actions based on the gift of writing or speaking. It'll be an interesting month for trips, interviews or negotiations and it can make it possible for you to meet special people you can find out useful information from.

Health and Fitness

Be careful about your health in November 2022. With Mars in your twelfth house, there are all sorts of risks, from acute diseases to surgeries or accidents. For this reason, you need to protect and take care of yourself, to avoid harmful environments, excesses and abuses. If something doesn't seem right, contact your doctor immediately! Have you checked Libra health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Libra in November 2022 Don't gossip, don't join cliques or conspiracies!


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