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Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Leo November 2022

Love and Relationships

November 2022 will be one of the most enchanting months of the year and seems to be perfect for parties. There'll be an atmosphere of youthfulness that will be prone to flirts, seduction and other sentimental games. It's not exactly the right time for unique, passionate and true love, but rather for ardent affairs, happy, enjoyable and relaxing. The strong sexuality, accompanied by an increased curiosity about novelty and experiments, could take you to new pleasures of the flesh. The motto of the month will be "Live for the moment!". Nice but rather volatile things will happen, so you'd better take advantage of what you're offered, without expecting too much of the future. In case you already have a solid relationship and another love affair is out of the question, there'll probably be a lot of opportunities to have a good time together, and your private life will become very exciting again.

Career and Finances

You'll step into a period that could provide great success and, on top of that, financial satisfaction too, if it's well managed. You'll benefit from a rare configuration, a great trine that will form with three ambitious planets (Mars, Jupiter and Pluto), located exactly in the three vocational houses (money, career, daily responsibilities). The configuration will be motivating and favorable, and will bring you various significant events and professional opportunities, in November 2022 and in the following months. It seems you'll have some development projects, probably quite grand, that will now receive some extra impulse and have a start-up. However, although aimed primarily at glory, the respective projects will have quite an important financial component. Good money could come out of it, on the condition that you don't rush into anything, but act prudently and wisely.

Health and Fitness

Considering your ambitions and your mood for having fun, you're likely to have good morale and a lot of energy. And this is precisely so, in addition to your improving shape. November 2022 will be excellent for relaxing physical activities which combine the use of energy with the artistic side (for example, dancing or figure skating). Nevertheless, any kind of exercise will do. Have you checked Leo health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Leo in November 2022 If you have children, spend more time with them!


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