Monthly horoscope Capricorn

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Capricorn November 2022

Love and Relationships

Jupiter in your house of love and pleasures will lend you great lust for life and sexual appetite. Jupiter's transit through your house of love, which will last until next summer, will be like a magnet for love, flirt and adventure opportunities. Nothing seems too difficult or too far when it comes to fulfilling your love. Your passions will be intense and will make you express yourself more than your discreet nature usually allows you to do. In November 2022, though, the passionate atmosphere will cool down a bit. There'll be something dampening the enthusiasm and you might even experience a disappointment. Venus in your twelfth house might lure you into an uncomfortable situation or make you accept conditions you wouldn't accept otherwise. Fortunately, this situation won't last, and the end of November 2022 will be extremely favorable to you.

Career and Finances

November 2022 will bring you some relief. The tense atmosphere there's been lately will relax a bit. You'll find solutions for part of the problems, with the help of friends or some important people willing to support you. You might even benefit from some financial help (or support for a financial problem), which will come by a confidential route this time. Team work and joining a collective effort will generally pay off. In such communities you'll have a leader's status. Once Mars enters Virgo (November 11th 2022), studies, the cultural or spiritual environment, trips and long-distance collaborations will become motivating factors that will condition your decisions and which you'll channel your energy to. Some Capricorn people can even consider working abroad or at least moving houses.

Health and Fitness

You'll have a lot of energy, which doesn't necessarily mean, though, that you'll be very healthy. The ruler of your house of diseases will be in a vulnerable position; therefore, it'd be more prudent on your behalf to protect yourself, have enough rest and pay attention to all symptoms of your body. An immunity-boost treatment would be necessary. Have you checked Capricorn health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Capricorn in November 2022 Be careful when traveling, especially in the last decanate of November 2022!


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