Monthly horoscope Aries

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Aries November 2022

Love and Relationships

The sentimental impetus will manifest in November 2022, too. However, contrary to the previous month when passion came particularly from the erotic impulse, the enthusiasm is now based on other things as well. The sexual factor will remain important, but it'll be completed with the need for knowledge, research, new horizons. November 2022 will thus become a period of sentimental trips, of overcoming distances by building a long-distance relationship with somebody, of cultural awareness or spiritual trips taken with the dear one. In addition to the ample measures that will characterize love in November 2022, there will also be a youthful and playful note about it, curious and flexible, eager for novelty, born out of the conjunction formed by Venus (the ruler of your house of couples) with Mercury; this conjunction will manifest almost all month in November 2022 and will lay great emphasis on the communication with the partner.

Career and Finances

On November 11th 2022 a long period of professional demands will begin. Mars will enter your house of work where it'll stay unusually long, until July 2023. This position of Mars can bring you intense and consistent activity, initiative and efficiency, courage and fast decisions; however, there's also the risk of pressure, stress, provocations, emergencies, rivalry or conflicts. Work accidents are more likely to occur in this kind of periods. Caution! Adventures or no adventures, we'll witness a concentration of energies in the professional area that will not only lead to financial growth, but to greater prestige or hierarchical advance as well. November 2022 will support financial initiatives and highlight the importance of team work. It might bring you a long-distance collaboration, business trips, training sessions or a professional initiative of an intellectual nature.

Health and Fitness

The first decanate of November 2022 won't cause problems. The second decanate might give you a slight sensation of tiredness. Mars' entrance in Virgo foreshadows a possible raise of interest in health for the following months, which could take the form of various medical initiatives, a predisposition towards acute, infectious or inflammatory illnesses or a tendency towards accidents. Have you checked Aries health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Aries in November 2022 Plan your tasks carefully so that you don't get pressured by time!


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