Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo's are not shy, and take pride in showing off their own style as well as a partner who is equally as good at attracting admiring glances from passers-by.

You have a charisma which draws people in, especially if you are giving one on one time to them.

If your partner is a Leo, then anything which complements their need for style, fashion and self-indulgence will please such as a relaxing day spa or a night out on the town to a show and romantic dinner.

Leo love characteristics

Expansive, generous and caring, Leos revel in love affairs and all things romantic. They are passionate and demonstrative, and like nothing better than spoiling their loved ones.


Happiness knows no bounds for Leos in love. Their big hearts and warm emotions really come into their own when they fall for someone. Then their true Leonine personalities emerge. Because they value love above all else, Leos are naturally faithful, and very loyal. But they can sometimes almost overwhelm their partners with adoration.

They invest all their emotions in their love affairs; but if things go wrong, they come down to earth with a bump. Once a Leo heart is broken, it takes a long time to mend.

Problems can arise if a Leo forgets that he or she is one half only of a partnership, and begins to act in the role of boss. Although outwardly they seem to be bursting with self-assurance and confidence, and often revel in being the center of attention, underneath their showy exterior Leos can be very sensitive, but usually they hate to admit it.

Their fiery feelings and expansive emotions have to find an outlet and they yearn to express their innermost thoughts to their partner. However, they almost always expect an equally heartfelt sentiment to be returned by the loved one.

Full of Passion

Leos spare no expense when courting a new love. They are very demonstrative and loyal, and are almost continually in the throes of passion, remaining very faithful. They only lose their sparkle when love begins to fade.


Leo person is social, due to which he makes number of friends. Most of the times Leo people take some time to test the person and when they feel that person is worth the trust then they become friends with them. Leo person can be a good Friend who will be there for life. People around them cherish Leo person’s presence. They would help their friends to complete their dreams and encourage them. They like to keep their friends happy and they won’t mind spending money on their friends. They would often take their friends for some grand dinner or present them with gifts.


Leo person is natural charmer. With their spirituality they make excellent lover. They are loyal and sincere to their partners. They would like to be loved by their partner. They are attracted towards the opposite sex and seek physical relation from them. They should accept when it’s their fault or their nature of dominance would hurt their partner. If they lose the interest in their partner, then they are likely to have multiple love affairs in their life and this can lead to the failure of marriage.

Leo Personality Traits: Positive vs Negative

Zodiac Sign:Leo
Zodiac Symbol:The Lion
Greek:Λέων, Leōn
Date:July 23 - August 22
Ruling Planet:Sun
Lucky Gem:Carnelian
Spirit Color:Gold
Lucky Numbers:1, 3, 10, 19
Lucky Day:Sunday
Greatest Compatibility:Aquarius, Gemini
Flower:Sunflower & marigold
Ruling House:Fifth
Strengths:Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous
Weaknesses:Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible
Likes:Theater, taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun with friends
Dislikes:Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being treated like a king or queen
Leo Famous:Anna Kendrick, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama, Ben Affleck, Bill Clinton, Cara Delevingne, Chris Hemsworth, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Kylie Jenner, Lil Uzi Vert, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Mila Kunis, Robert De Niro, Steve Carell, Tom Brady


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