Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Leo July 2024

Love and Relationships

Looking from the outside, everything seems to be all right in July 2024. There are shared objectives and there's also communication, and the sexual interest is very awake. However, something will not be in place. Maybe you'll need more tenderness, more romanticism or more passion. Or maybe you'll long for somebody else. In short, you seem to experience some nostalgia or some frustrations. Another scenario is also possible, involving secret or forbidden love stories, or affairs kept under wraps. But this kind of love, regardless if it's shared, cannot bring you full satisfaction, as Leos are made to sing about their love to the whole world, at any time. Or maybe you'll simply be on a break period? If yes, then pull yourself together, as Venus, the planet of love, will take care of you towards the end of July 2024!

Career and Finances

In July 2024 you'll enjoy a favorable period, in which Jupiter, located in Leo's house of status and success, will nurture past years' hopes and ambitions, support and encourage them. The trine made by Jupiter with Pluto (located in your house of work for long term) is a wonderful chance that needs to be taken as it can bring success, glory and money. The Jupiter-Pluto trine is the bearer of opportunities and the provider of focus and achievement. Even if no favorable opportunities will simply come along in July 2024, the capacity for achievement will remain and will be enough to make considerable progress in career. Especially since intelligence will serve you now better than ever, and the communicative abilities will be excellent. Financially, in July 2024 you'll have great opportunities to earn money. Even if it doesn't come immediately, the perspectives are promising.

Health and Fitness

For your health, July 2024 won't be the best period of the year. Even if your enthusiasm will be bigger and will support your energy, your body won't be as resistant as before. If you want to function well, you need more rest and better immunity. Lack of sleep, deprivation and excesses won't do you any good, especially in the first two decanates of July 2024. Your morale will visibly get better in the last decanate. Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Leo in July 2024 Avoid unclear or ambiguous situations, stay away from suspicious people and don't be indiscreet!