Last Month Horoscope for Virgo

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Virgo October 2022

Love and Relationships

October 2022 won't be marked by great adventures, it'll be more ordinary. Because Mercury, the ruler of your sign, is almost always conjunct with Venus, the planet of couples and love, your emotional needs will be quite big and the sentimental opportunities will be plenty. However, things will have a tendency to develop harmoniously, cheerfully and in a relaxed way, without bumps. October 2022 could highlight some connections between the relational life and material issues, on one hand, and the mental issues, on the other. Thus, you might reach certain financial decisions together with your partner, receive a present from him/her, or do business together. Likewise, sentimental relationships might grow around intellectual affinities and preoccupations. Communication is very important, and the people you'll meet in October 2022 could become significant to your sentimental life.

Career and Finances

October 2022 will be an important month for career and finance, two domains that seem to require some decisions, some strategies and organization, and maturity in seeing things. After that, you can initiate the necessary procedures to put all of the above into practice. Writing and speaking, acquiring and sharing information, courses, exams, tests, negotiations will improve the professional picture, taking any shape, from the commonest to the most sophisticated. In October 2022 you could gain knowledge of immediate usefulness or get involved in highly specialized studies, fill in forms and make simple calculations or edit a remarkable paper. Trips, exchanges, transactions and presentations will be favored. Financially, the first part of October 2022 will require more prudent behavior.

Health and Fitness

In the first part of October 2022 you might not be in a very good shape, you could even experience some health problems. You're recommended to have more rest and better supervision of the way your body functions. Even if there are no troubles, you seem to be forced to take some medical measures or measures that are connected to eating habits and lifestyle. Your general shape will improve in the second part of October 2022. Have you checked Virgo health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Virgo in October 2022 Take supplements that stimulate immunity!


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