Last Month Horoscope for Taurus

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Taurus October 2022

Love and Relationships

The first decanate of October 2022 will be somehow neuter or will develop much in the same way as the preceding month. Things will change starting with October 9th 2022, when Venus, the planet of love, enters your house of couples. The need for love will grow, the romantic opportunities will multiply, and if you haven't found a partner yet, the chances will go up. You'll attract more easily, by a more charming style, and you'll enjoy flirting. The tendency towards flirts will become stronger in the second part of the month, as on October 17th 2022 Mercury will step into your house of relationships, joining Venus. Another effect of the astral configuration in the second part of October 2022 will be the attraction for people not only charming, but also intelligent, witted, spiritual and young in spirit. If you already have a partner, October 2022 will bring a lot of warmth and communication within the couple and joint mobilization for initiative and efforts regarding home, family and properties.

Career and Finances

The conjunctions Mercury and the Sun will form with Saturn in your house of work foreshadow the professional decisions you'll have to make or the important events that will occur at the workplace. It could be related to some tests or trials, to assigning important, but difficult tasks, or to the necessity of implementing new strategies. In case you've been working hard and reliably in the last period, October 2022 might bring you the recognition of your merits. In other words, October 2022 will inaugurate a favorable season to work partnerships. Associations and collaborations will be nice and productive, you'll establish contacts with the others very easily, you'll do good teamwork for which you'll be a cohesion factor and an opinion leader. All this will obviously be beneficial to your finances, too.

Health and Fitness

Health might raise some problems and if so, take them very seriously. Don't postpone seeing your doctor, and follow the prescriptions exactly! On the other hand, October 2022 will be a good month to solve the medical problems you've been ignoring and to take some firm measures regarding your health and your lifestyle, eating habits and physical appearance. Have you checked Taurus health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Taurus in October 2022 Be patient with your parents and avoid family conflicts!


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