Last Month Horoscope for Scorpio

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Scorpio October 2022

Love and Relationships

October 2022 foreshadows to be one of the most favorable months of the year. With Venus (the planet of love) in your sign and Jupiter (the Greater Benefic) in your house of couples, you'll benefit from chance and protection, and your relationships will flourish effortlessly. You'll have the opportunity to notice how the others will look at you willingly, trying hard to please you, how your charm and seduction capacity will grow, how you'll attract the opposite sex like a magnet. In October 2022 you could find your soulmate or improve the current relationship. The important thing is for you to decide what you want and help your destiny a bit. Chance is in the air, you just have to reach your hand and get it. Communication considerably helps relationships get stronger, so leave silence and mysteries aside and try to share as many thoughts and opinions with the dear one.

Career and Finances

With Mars in your house of career, it's clear what direction the ambition and the energy will take in October 2022. It's a typical transit of the periods of initiative, dynamism and competitiveness, of the periods in which we have something to say, to prove or to impose to the world. If the energy lent by Mars is not channeled towards clear and constructive objectives, the extra could take the shape of indiscipline, turbulence, conflicts with superiors. As Venus and Jupiter try to protect you from conflicts and enable you to interact positively with the others, it'd be excellent if you combined determination with cooperation. Association and team work will favor you and you should strive in this direction. In addition, the financial situation could also benefit from work partnerships, so October 2022 could provide profitable contracts or collaborations.

Health and Fitness

In October 2022 you'll have energy and work capacity and your morale will be excellent. There is, though, a certain tendency towards excesses and indulgence that could urge you to behave in a way contrary to the interests of your health. So that you don't experience problems, bring this tendency under control and take care of yourself especially in the first two decanates of October 2022! Have you checked Scorpio health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Scorpio in October 2022 Avoid cold and dampness, infections, food poisonings, contagious diseases!


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