Last Month Horoscope for Sagittarius

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Sagittarius October 2022

Love and Relationships

Since the ruler of your house of couples, Mercury, will keep itself busy around the seductive Venus, the perspectives will be quite promising throughout October 2022. It's not excluded, however, that the month is not very exciting, and its first half could even raise some problems that should be intelligently evaluated, considering the long-term consequences. It could be about a shared future project or about a situation involving a friend, or about some circumstances that will impact the image or position you hold within a group. Just as well, a friend's or a group's advice or opinion could impact your sentimental life. While the first part of October 2022 has the focus on the social environment you're developing in, the second part will focus on your privacy, and things will take place further from everybody's eyes. Secret love stories will be at an advantage.

Career and Finances

In October 2022, Jupiter will ensure a solid background you can build on, expand or progress professionally. Now more than ever, studies, specializations and information will be encouraged. If you're offered the opportunity to do a course or improve your professional abilities somehow, don't hesitate, because it'll surely be to your advantage! A significant influence on your career seems to come from friends, protectors, professional associations, team work and joint projects. Many accomplishments can come from this area, but still in this area there might be obstacles or tests. Consequently, don't rush to decisions, but think them over carefully, maybe even consult a competent and trustworthy person! Financially, the perspectives for October 2022 look good, meaning that your efforts will be rewarded properly.

Health and Fitness

You'll be in a good shape, especially in the first part of October 2022. In the second part, your body resistance will go down gradually and there might appear inconveniences regarding health. Excesses and negligence will take their toll, so do your best to lead a balanced life and keep away from everything that usually harms you! The good news is that you can count on skilled doctors and efficient treatments. Have you checked Sagittarius health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Sagittarius in October 2022 Beware of the way you present yourself in public!


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