Last Month Horoscope for Pisces

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Pisces October 2022

Love and Relationships

After a less interesting month beginning, the atmosphere will lighten up and then gradually clear up. The chances of sentimental fulfillment will grow, and so will your emotional receptivity. You'll need tenderness and harmony. In October 2022 love will be favored by reunions and social events, but also by trips or intellectual or spiritual preoccupations. You'll be drawn to people with a lot of charm and wide horizons, enabling you to open yours as well, or people you can explore the world with, either in its physical dimensions, or the abstract. Feelings will come from the heart, but will be supported by the desire to know and to share knowledge. The most powerful stimuli and the most efficient aphrodisiacs will take their essence from the spirit and the intellect. Some challenges or temptations can be related to work or workmates.

Career and Finances

It'll be a full period for you, hectic and demanding, and it'll last for a while. Mars will lend you a lot of energy to use on work, but will also bring urgency, pressure, turbulence. October 2022 will demand discipline and thorough planning of tasks. The most favored domains will be connected to trips, communication, information and editing. The intellect will be in a great shape and you'll operate easily with both concrete notions and sophisticated concepts, especially if you're keen on the subject you'll take on or if there's any motivation of an emotional nature. Finances will also become part of the picture in October 2022, and it is here that notable events seem to occur or decisions are required. They could be connected to business, investment, credits, sponsorship, money coming from collaborations or other sources than the current, regular ones.

Health and Fitness

You'll benefit from remarkable physical resistance and morale. This is a good thing, because October 2022 will be a busy month, with many obligations that entail stress and exhaustion. Mars in your house of health has a good side, because it can make you interested in solving some medical problems, but it also has a bad side, because it exposes you to accidents, injuries on account of imprudence, acute illnesses. Have you checked Pisces health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Pisces in October 2022 Make to-do lists, keep a notebook, organize yourself!


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