Last Month Horoscope for Leo

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Leo October 2022

Love and Relationships

Located in your sign, Mars will support a state of emotional and erotic dynamism. In other words, you'll have passionate tendencies: hot feelings, burning wishes. These predispositions will stimulate your couple life, the more so as they are backed up by a good physical condition, boldness and initiative. In October 2022 you won't have the patience to wait; on the contrary, you'll immediately take action. The attitude will be that of a conqueror, not of a seducer, meaning frontal action, not deluding. This approach can have spectacular results, but not everybody likes to be attacked at no notice. Some more diplomacy wouldn't hurt. At the opposite pole, if something is not working in the relationship, you'll risk reacting rashly and generating an open conflict. Finally, October 2022 will bring you dates, discussions or important relational decisions.

Career and Finances

Dynamism, initiative, efficiency - this is the slogan for October 2022. You can hardly wait to put your ideas into practice, to fight for your goals. October 2022 could be a month of accomplishments as Mars in Leo lends you the strength and ambition you need to use the opportunities offered by Jupiter, which is located in your house of career. Mars is a fast and enterprising planet, but rather rash sometimes. It's important that you don't give in to anxiousness, but be careful about words and actions instead. Especially since you'll have to have more important discussions, to negotiate some transactions, contracts or collaborations, attend an interview or sit an exam, all with a long-term stake. Financially, in October 2022 you'll benefit from chance and comfort, especially through partnerships or women.

Health and Fitness

You'll be very energetic, and the health seems to be satisfactory. However, Mars could expose you to accidents (injuries, stings, cuts, burns, etc.) or to infections, inflammations, febrile states, or bleedings. It is still Mars that is good friends with dental or surgical procedures, so, if you planned anything like that, you can go through with it. It seems you'll have important decisions to make, including about health and lifestyle. Have you checked Leo health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Leo in October 2022 Avoid excesses and imprudence, stay away from conflicts!


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