Last Month Horoscope for Gemini

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Gemini October 2022

Love and Relationships

October 2022 seems to try to separate feelings from sexuality. Thus, the emotional side will be more active in the first decanate only, while sexuality maintains active until the end of the month. The situation could be explained in several ways. One of them would be that you're into a relationship with affective stability and a certain routine, but the subject of eroticism is under discussion and requires some measures. Another explanation would be that sensuality leads to the appearance of a physical relationship, but without sentimental involvement. Or it could simply be about some intellectual interest in sexuality, about a period you'll look for more information on the topic and find important things, which will then influence your sentimental life.

Career and Finances

An interesting period is foreshadowed professionally speaking, full of dynamism and initiative, and equally marked by satisfactions. In October 2022 you'll be energetic and resourceful, and eager to manifest accordingly. You'll take the initiative, speak, move, negotiate, and inform yourself. Maybe you'll have a sort of probation or attend an interview. Though dynamic, the work atmosphere will be relaxed. You'll work with pleasure, do things that motivate you, get along with workmates, while they will support your projects. With Venus and Mercury in your house of work, October 2022 will help you highlight your talents, knowledge and intelligence, favoring especially the creative and intellectual aspects of your work. You'll be successful in activities focused on studying, writing and speaking. Financially, no major changes are foreseen in the official income, but you might receive gifts or side profit.

Health and Fitness

October 2022 will be an excellent period to take care of yourself, to deal with possible health problems or make some changes for the better in the way you look. You'll have good contacts with the medical environment, but also with those related to fitness, body care, styling, etc. What is more, you can find out many useful things about what to do to keep in shape. Have you checked Gemini health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Gemini in October 2022 Drive carefully and avoid excesses of any kind!


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