Last Month Horoscope for Cancer

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Cancer October 2022

Love and Relationships

Finally, there's some good news! Not right from the beginning of October 2022, but from the second decanate, when Venus, the planet of love, enters your house of passion and sexuality. Venus' transit will lead to a boost in the erotic impulse and will predispose to falling in love. It is usually more favorable to flirts, adventure, responsibility-free and unofficial affairs, and to relationships in the early phase, when feelings are hot. Under such influence, there'll be more chances for love to find you. If you already have a stable and official relationship, October 2022 will bring along the probability of some common decisions regarding accommodation or properties, maybe an important family event. The couple may enjoy improved sexual activity, due to the bigger appetite and open-mindedness towards new things and experiments. The children and the parental status will bring you satisfactions.

Career and Finances

It'll be a good period for you that will support changes of professional objectives, future projects, business and finance initiative. The positive changes related to your work or to the work atmosphere might be connected to friends or to the protective attitude of a person in a strong position. You'll do well in team activities, be successful in activities involving an audience, the public, or a group of people sharing interests and passions. The second part of October 2022 will give you the opportunity to prove your aptitudes and can bring circumstances that will show you in a good light. Creative preoccupations will be successful. October 2022 will pose the problem of some important decisions regarding accommodation, real estate properties or patrimony goods. In this domain a transaction or an investment is possible to occur.

Health and Fitness

Effervescence! You'll benefit from strength, will, courage, and your mind will shine. The morale will be excellent. In October 2022 you'll always do something, you won't get bored for a second. As the physical energy will be in large amounts, it needs to be used: walk, go to the gym, exercise in the open air, have sex! But don't expose yourself! Mars in Cancer urges you to haste, imprudence and risks, of which only accidents and other troubles can come out. Have you checked Cancer health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Cancer in October 2022 Don't strive by yourself! It's better to ask for the others' help (partner, collaborators, friends).


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