Last Month Horoscope for Aries

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Aries October 2022

Love and Relationships

October 2022 will be an important month for your relationship, in which events with long-term effects can take place or in which you'll need to make a decision (or several) regarding the situation you and your partner are in. It's possible that it is about a series of events that started in the last part of September, or about several episodes that seem to be independent from each other. In some cases, we're talking about constraining or difficult circumstances, challenging the resistance of the relationship, in others it might be about making a choice, about a more difficult period for the partner, decisions made together or about planning common strategies. Issues regarding maturity, time or age can be part of the picture. Sexuality, strong and impetuous, will play a motivating part.

Career and Finances

Professional interests will have two foreground aspects in October 2022: collaborations and money. You can now finalize the already started procedures for an association or a contract and/or others might also come along. The decisions made now will be important, because this is what the development of the next months will depend on. This is what the situation looks like: from now until springtime, the tendencies will be promising as concerns position, reaching objectives and material earnings, but the potential costs will be high in terms of stress, overload, stressful work conditions and, sometimes, turbulent work environment, possibly aggressive or risky. For this reason, you'd better not rush to anything and carefully analyze not just the "trophy", but everything you have to do to get it, as well. Without rigorous planning, you'll find it very difficult.

Health and Fitness

October 2022 will be a good period, in which Mars in Leo makes sure you'll be in an excellent shape. You'll have enough energy not only for the ordinary daily tasks, but for extra physical exercise as well. Exercising, walking in the open air and having fun will do you a lot of good. The ruler of your house of health, Mercury, will be conjunct with Venus all throughout October 2022, a favoring aspect for medical procedures (contacts with doctors, tests, treatments, small dental or surgical interventions etc.) and body care. Have you checked Aries health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Aries in October 2022 Caution in taking out loans and investment: don't exaggerate, don't risk!


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