Last Month Horoscope for Aquarius

Free Monthly Astrology Prediction for Aquarius October 2022

Love and Relationships

There are warnings of quite an impetuous season. With Mars in your house of couples, instincts will be passionate, and wishes (and demands) regarding the other one will be strong and urgent. In October 2022, you'll want to conquer quickly or clarify situations immediately, and this haste, although charming sometimes, might prove harmful, especially if your partner hates being spoken harshly to. If you want your October to be happy, refrain from imposing your wishes or point of view and try to sympathize a little, to look at things through the other's eyes. The best strategy would be to share involvement with the dear one in a vigorous action, aimed at a common purpose. Sometimes, Mars' lively enthusiasm proves useful, like in the case of shy people that need an urge to take the step they want to take, but don't dare.

Career and Finances

October 2022 promises to be a good month for career. Venus', Mercury's and then the Sun's transits through your house of success and fame will highlight your qualities and help you shine. Attributes such as charm and diplomacy, intelligence and ingenuity, authority and organizational spirit will be called to contribute to reaching objectives and consolidating positions. All these, however, function better when they are stimulated by the interaction with the others, regardless if it's about competition and rivals, or about cooperation and associations. The aspects regarding partnerships being well defined, there might appear new contacts, collaborations or team projects. The financial motivation will be strong enough in October 2022 to trigger certain professional initiatives. Investments will be favored, especially in properties and consumer durables.

Health and Fitness

Besides stress and restlessness, you don't seem to experience other inconveniences related to your shape. Your physical resistance will be good and the intellectual energy plenty. In October 2022 you'll somehow be prone to lack of measure, but you'll still have the capacity to put a stop to it when necessary. You'd better drive more carefully and not speed. Have you checked Aquarius health horoscope 2022? Monthly horoscope’s Advice for Aquarius in October 2022 Try not to cause conflicts and don't take provocations!


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