Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Your perfect partner needs to be on the same wavelength as you, and someone who is not the type to get over protective or jealous. These aspects will hold you back and the relationship will not be satisfying for you.

Aquarians are really good at listening to what others have to say, but at the same time you also have an engaging personality which makes it easy to get close to you, this will help you attract your perfect partner.

If your partner is an Aquarian, consider gifts that are unusual or appeal to their sense of inquisitiveness.

Aquarius love characteristics

Aquarians are strongly independent and cannot bear to be tied down. Their firm views and opinions can quickly change to obstinacy and stubbornness when provoked. Nevertheless, they are faithful and supportive in the right relationship. They may become ensconsed in a committed relationship but need to preserve their privacy and independence.


Although they are naturally very straightforward, do not expect Aquarians to be clear-cut because they are often very unpredictable, and will almost certainly keep their loved ones guessing. Not all Aquarians find it easy to show their feelings, and they are often uncomfortable about the more romantic aspects of love.

Extrovert, entertaining, intelligent, and often very idealistic, Aquarians usually have many friends who play an important role in their lives. Although they are very loyal and trustworthy, their partners may often become jealous over the bond between an Aquarian and his or her friends. In some cases, their strong feelings and attitudes can turn info insistence and tremendous arguments if aroused, which can make life difficult for their partners.

Aquarians also often have difficulty in handling their own as well as other people's emotions, which may mean that they sometimes ignore a partner's most intimate feelings and insecurities.

Free Spirit

Aquarians do not like showing their real feelings. An independent nature also means that they take their time to settle in steady relationships. They find it hard to build up trust but will remain very faithful once a relationship is established.


As Aquarius is fun loving, kind and happy person, he will always make good friends. they believe in sharing their thoughts. Many people consider Aquarius people as lonely and unfriendly, but it is false. They like being with friends and enjoy their time. They would often create several friend circles wherever they go. They would help their friends up to any extent without seeking any return from them. They like to help others and keep them happy. They would often go on trip with their friends. They are good at communicating with people thus you can talk to them and take good suggestions from them. They are intellectual and their decision will definitely benefit you.


Aquarius person can easily attract other people with their charm and have wonderful relationship with them. Aquarius person can be romantic, faithful and loyal to his partner, but their tendency to remain independent can cause the trouble in their relationship. They like their freedom and are not ready for serious relationship. If they are married then their partner should start adjusting with it to save their marriage or it would result into separation. With better support from their partner, Aquarius people can become good partners . They will start taking their marriage seriously. They will become good parents also. They would send their children to group activity, in order to get used to work with other people.

Aquarius Personality Traits: Positive vs Negative

Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Zodiac Symbol:Water Bearer
Date:January 20 - February 18
Ruling Planet:Uranus
Lucky Gem:Amethyst
Spirit Color:Sky blue
Lucky Numbers:4, 7, 11, 22, 29
Lucky Day:Tuesday
Greatest Compatibility:Leo, Sagittarius
Ruling House:Eleventh
Strengths:Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian
Weaknesses:Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof
Likes:Fun with friends, risky business, fighting for causes, intellectual conversations.
Dislikes:Limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations.
Aquarius Famous:Ashton Kutcher, Christian Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ed Sheeran, Ellen DeGeneres, Harry Styles, J. Cole, Jennifer Aniston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Justin Timberlake, Kerry Washington, Khalid, Michael Jordan, Neymar, Oprah Winfrey, Phil Collins, Shakira, Sheryl Crow, Taylor Lautner, The Weeknd


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